Show Down manufacturers Ready to Fish Crappie Jigs with the best colors and jigs to help capture Trophy Crappie.  I have had great success winning 3 Crappie Classic Tournaments using Show Down Crappie Jigs.  They are the 2002 NACA Classic Tournament, 2004 CAST Classic Tournament and the 2006 Bass Pro Shops, Crappie Master Classic Tournament.

Show Down Crappie Jugs have been used by a number of top teams and fisherman around Crappie Tournament Trails and Professional Guide Services.  If you have questions in regards to how to fish Show Down Tackle, contact me personally.   If you have a custom Jig that you would like to have manufactured please contact me directly.

Jig Types

Hair Jigs view
Holo Tube Jigs view
Rubber Body Jigs view
Swim Jigs view
Split Shot Sinkers view